The Kairi Dining

The main feature of Iki cuisine is marine products, complemented by other local gourmet such as Iki Beef, a type of wagyu Japanese beef (distinctive Japanese breed raised with special techniques and care by its producers), that are all available throughout the year. Here at Kairi Murakami, guests can enjoy the natural flavors and all the goodness of Iki foods, brought out by our master chef in his simple yet dynamic culinary masterpieces. The condition of ingredients differs every day, and palates and preferences differ from one guest to another. Every day, for every meal, we pay utmost attention to preparing the perfect cuisine for each of our guests to taste Iki foods at their most delectable.

Our Pride & Joy Kairi-Yaki: Abalone topped off with plenty of sea urchin and baked slowly with charcoal fire; Perfectly pairs with locally brewed Japanese sake, just like Kairi-Nabe (our abalone Shabu-Shabu) does.

Our Premier Choices of the Season

Fresh Seafood Fostered by Wild Waves of the Genkai Sea & Gentle Waves of Uchiumi Bay

Sear urchins with heavenly rich flavors

Naturally chewy abalone

Rare squid «Iki Tsurugi»

High-end wagyu (Japan-breed beef) «Iki Beef» bred & produced on Iki Island

Mugi Shochu (distilled spirit made from barley)

These are just some of Iki’s rare specialities, very hard to find even in metropolitan cities full of restaurants featuring regional cuisines.


Breakfast Served at in-hotel “waka” Restaurant, 7:00 – 11:00 (orders accepted until 10:30)