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Iki – Where Every Piece of the Nature is Cherished

One step through the hotel entrance, and the only thing you’ll see is the endless blue horizon. At sunset, borders between the ocean, land and sky disappear and one endless scenery of pale peach color and indescribable beauty is all you see. Take in all the nature of Iki that shows different faces throughout the day and night.

After dinner, the healing sound of wave ripples from the jet black ocean invite you to a quiet, relaxing night, where the moonlight reflects off the surface of the water in perfect rhythm with the stars awakening to shine. Immerse yourself to these nature’s wonders, gaze at the all-natural planetarium, and enjoy a nightcap.

Wood Deck

Go ahead and take a nap.

Champagne is served to enhance your elegant afternoon right by the peaceful ocean. Take in the panorama in front of you, and let go of your senses to total relaxation and a luxury available only at seaside resorts…

Relaxation Room

Come, spend time here any way you wish just as you would at home, stretching out on your favorite couch.


After a meal, gather around, step into the warmth and coziness of the fire, and enjoy your time with your loved ones.

Powder Room

This exclusive powder room is full of various items for hair makeup. Care to try out a new look?


A variety of artworks to accompany your elegant leisure time. Get an inspiration from our collection of rare artworks and pottery by Japan’s living national treasures, such as Yu Fujiwara and Shiro Tsujimura.