Do you provide a shuttle service?

We provide a free shuttle service between “Iki Port/Iki Airport” and “Iki Retreat”. It is by reservation only, so please contact us in advance if you would like to use it. The journey takes approximately 20-30 minutes one way.

What time is check-in?

Check-in is from 15:00 to 18:30. If you arrive early, we can store your luggage. We also recommend sightseeing by taxi from the port. We can arrange a taxi for you.

What if I check in late?

Check-in is available at any time. If you wish to have dinner, please arrive by 20:00. The front entrance is closed from 1 am to 5 am. If you arrive after midnight, please call us at 0920-43-0770.

Can I add dinner on the day of my stay?

If you are considering adding dinner, please let us know by the day before your stay.

Are there any meals other than Japanese course meals?

We also serve teppanyaki from the second night.

Do you have a shop?

We sell souvenirs in the lobby.

Do you have a smoking area?

There are two smoking areas. All rooms are non-smoking.

Are you barrier-free?

We are not barrier-free. There is an elevator in the building, but there are steps at the entrance to the rooms.

Do you have meals for children?

You can choose from the lunch menu, such as omelet rice and udon noodles.

Can a 0-year-old child enter the large bath?

For children who are not yet potty trained, we offer baby baths. Please let the staff know at check-in.

I’m planning to use it for a birthday, can you arrange a cake?

We can prepare a 4-piece whole cake (2,860 yen, including tax). We also accept orders for bouquets (from 4,400 yen, including tax).
If you wish to arrange, we would like to know the timing of the offering (after dinner, bringing it to the room, etc.), the message, and the number of candles for the cake (we recommend 5 considering the balance with the cake).
The deadline for reservations is the day before your stay for cakes, and 3 days before your stay for bouquets.
Please contact us for reservations at Tel: 0920-43-0770 ; Email:

Do you have a TV?

Yes, we do have a TV.

Do you have rooms where 3 (or 4) adults can stay?

Yes, all 12 rooms can accommodate 3 or more people.

Can we have meals in the room instead of in the restaurant?

Meals are served in the restaurant.

Do you have a laundry service?

We do not.

What is the quality of the hot spring?

The quality of the hot spring at Kairi Murakami is sodium chloride spring. It is a natural hot spring that turns golden when it comes into contact with air, with a super high concentration of about 17 times the standard value for hot springs (i.e., 1g of effective ingredients per 1,000g).

Can you recommend any tourist spots in Iki?

Iki Island is full of nature and shrines, and it is also the birthplace of barley shochu. We recommend Saruiwa, Tatsunoshima, Kojima Shrine, and tours of shochu breweries.
Also, it is recommended to go around by taxi for a few hours to half a day to all day. We can arrange for a sightseeing taxi.

Do I need to reserve a parking space?

Reservations are not necessary. We have secured enough spaces.

What kind of baby goods do you have?

We have baby beds, bed guards, diaper pails, etc.

Do you have a child seat in the restaurant?

We do. Please contact us as there is a limited number.

Do you have a dress code in the hotel?

There is no dress code for all restaurants and the library bar in the hotel. You can use it even in the room wear. Please feel free to wear casual clothes.

Do you rent bicycles?

There is a rental service for “Iki Bicycles”. Please contact us for details.

Can I reserve a restaurant?

Reservations for restaurants are accepted from one month prior to your stay.

How many rooms have an open-air bath?

All 12 rooms are equipped with an open-air bath.